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Spiritual Counseling


In Need of counseling from a Hebrew perspective?

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In today's climate, general circumstances can be quite overwhelming for anyone of us. We all need someone to discuss our problems with without fear of judgement or ridicule or being made to feel inferior or wrong in some way.

Many of us are or have been turned off by conventional Christian Churches or other religious organizations. Many of these organizations tend to shame you or may even wish to 'convert' you or have you adhere to man made solutions that have nothing to do with Torah.

That's where Sv7nth Dimension's Ministry is different.

We are a Torah based Hebrew ministry with no camp affiliation. Our ministry was founded solely on the principle of giving back and helping our fellow Hebrews who are particularly disenfranchised due to our captivity.

We have several community efforts in the works to be unveiled by next year (2018).

Both Yahushuah and Elisheba  are ordained ministers and are open and available to assist our brothers and sisters in Torah. 

If you are depressed, lonely, confused or just need some advice or guidance, please fill out the form below and someone from our ministry will get back with you as soon as possible!


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